Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rescuing Seneca Crane

Kari is tired of hearing her best friend Lucas talk obsessively about her boyfriend, Mr. Makes Me Want to Gag. Kari and Lucas are traveling to Scotland with Kari's mom, a magazine reporter, who is interviewing Seneca, a teenage pianist prodigy. They make friends with Seneca who is kidnapped after a concert. Thus begins the mystery where the two unravel the clues to figure out Seneca's kidnappers. Along the way Lucas rethinks her relationship with her boyfriend and Kari discovers she's not as cowardly as she thinks in the beginning of the story.

I thought this was your average mystery book. The writing wasn't super descriptive and the plot was predicatable. However, the author focuses on the girls and their friendships which young readers will like.

Rather than use swear words the girls use the word "Meep." It sounds like a baby kitten. I think the author was playing on the sounds of people who are beeped on television when they swear. It was cute at first but got annoying by page 288. But I also read the book in one sitting. Maybe it wouldn't be annoying if I had picked it up and set it down more often.

:-) :-) 2.5 Smileys

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