Thursday, January 20, 2011


Zach Harriman's father is a government agent working for the U.S. President and has special powers.


When he unexpectedly dies in a plane crash everyone says  it's an accident but Zach believes it was murder. As he tries to figure out what happened to his father, he develops his own superpowers of x-ray vision, super speed, sixth sense, and flying. What 14 year old wouldn't love that? Mr. Herbert mysteriously appears and mentors him regarding his superpowers. Zach has to learn fast because the bad guys or "Bads" are going to make their move and he will have to stop them.

This story is a fast read. Too fast in fact. Lupica didn't quite set it up as a well-rounded "hero" book. For instance, the villians are vague and never defined as any particular person or group of persons. While Zach is mentored by Mr. Herbert he comes and goes really quickly in the story. In the Percy Jackson or Harry Potter series, the heroes develop their powers in a setting such as Hogwarts School or Camp Half-blood. Zach just gets his powers. Also, there is no explanation as to how Zach's dad got his superpowers and how he went from being an orphan to going to Harvard and becoming wealthy. The dialogue was forced at times with youthful cliches and fist-bumping or high-fiving.

There are many sports references and politics. Lupica's sports novels are better than this attempt at a different genre. Perhaps the sequel will fill in the blanks.

Reading Level 5.6

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