I am the lower school librarian at the Taipei American School. I started this blog because I couldn't sleep one night thinking about some fantastic books I had currently read.

Happy Reading!!!
Barb Middleton


  1. I'm a Young Adult Author and I would love to have you review my books. How can I contact you to ask for a review? You can e-mail me at Thanks so uch in advance. :)

  2. Dear Ms. Middleton,
    I am a second-year ELA and History teacher within a brand new Aerospace STEM Academy for middle school students. I love history. I love reading and writing. Most of all, my students have grown to love the way my lessons integrate and blend ELA learning with historical investigation. This coming year, I will be teaching Medieval and Early Modern times. I want to challenge my bright and gifted students by using Sir James Knowles' rendition of The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights. The book is free and contains many wonderful lessons and insights into the Middle Ages.

    Sadly, I have read many reviews, except your own on Goodreads, trashing Knowles' version. However, Malorey's version is too archaic linguistically to use in my class. I want to push these students away from Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and into incredible adventures in writing.

    Would you be willing to exchange email addresses with me so that we might do a little collaboration? I could sure use some guidance as there seems to be a great need to researching the time and genre prior to jumping into the book. I believe your advice would be invaluable.

    This is my email:

    You can find our school at CORE Aerospace STEM in Marysville, California.

    Thank you very much!

    Matthew Wilson