Sunday, January 9, 2011

Medusa Jones

Medusa Jones is being bullied at school by the popular kids. Her parents don't help much with solving the problem and the teachers at school are disrespectful bullies themselves. Medusa goes on a camping trip with the popular kids and when they get in trouble she and her friends have to decide whether or not to help them.

The illustrations in this book are well-done but the story is not well-written. There are cliches and the plot is random and predictable. I'm not sure what the chapter on Medusa going to the barber relates to the overall story; it just seemed mean-spirited. I also thought Medusa was out of character at the end when she called her friend an idiot and said she was "the beauty and brains of the outfit." She sounded just like the bullies in the story.

You need to know what a Gorgon is and be somewhat familiar with Greek mythology when reading this story. Also, a "chiton" is a tunic. It is mentioned several times in the story. I'm more familiar with the word, toga.

Reading Level 4.1

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