Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Sorcerer Heir (The Heir Chronicles #5) by Cinda Williams Chima

Book #4 ends on a cliffhanger, but this plot doesn't get around to addressing where it left off until page 50. The first chapters introduce Leesha as a character who has changed from a self-centered person to one who is trying to make sense out of the tragedy of her boyfriend's death in the previous book. Problem is I never had much interest in the superficial Leesha. Actually, I didn't remember her much from the previous books. The author is setting up for Emma to stay with her but I thought it made for a confusing start, especially with the additional murders, and the backstory not inserted soon enough. The pacing was off with not enough or too much information given. I snoozed in the beginning, got interested in other parts, then snoozed again. The plot lacked twists, it was a bit scattered and repetitive, and the romance got cheesy. If you are looking for something light with plenty of action, zombies, cliches, and romances, then you will enjoy this book. I know I'll forget it in about a month.

Leesha is at a Halloween party feeling sorry for herself when the irresistible Jonah refuses to dance with her. Meanwhile Emma and Jonah don't trust each other and are keeping secrets. When the murders are investigated, the two try to hide their past only to push their friendship apart. Emma decides to remove herself from the dormitory life and help Leesha with her Aunt Millie while commuting to classes. The band continues to play and practice and music has a prominent roll in Emma and Jonah's friendship or wanna-be romance. Jonah is gifted as an enchanter which draws people to him but his touch is deadly making it impossible for him to have a girlfriend.

Emma digs into her parents past finding some unexpected answers to questions that involve everyone at the school who survived the Thorn Hill tragedy. Meanwhile Jonah is trying to save his brother that is dying from a poisoned Weirstone. The Underguilds and wizards are trying to broker a peace arrangement and solve the murders that happened in the community but obstacles keep causing them to fight among themselves until an unlikely alliance occurs with the help of Jonah that will either save or ruin the survivors of Thorn Hill.

Jonah's toxic touch reminded me of Rogue in the X-men movie, except Jonah is an assassin with empathy. Death by his hand is a peaceful experience. This common romantic trope works well because the obstacle facing the two characters that are attracted to each other seems insurmountable. They love each other but can't have a physical relationship. I just thought Jonah spent too much time pushing people away. He was so stubborn about telling the truth with Emma it got annoying and repetitive. It would have been better if I had read the previous book closer to this one. I probably wouldn't have forgotten so much of the backstory. Not my favorite by this author.

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