Monday, April 20, 2015

Honey by Sarah Weeks

Melody lives in Royal, Indiana with her dad. Her mom died in childbirth and her dad is a high school teacher. When he starts burning dinners, singing "You are My Sunshine," and staring off into space, it is pretty obvious he's smitten with some mystery woman. Melody talks to chain-smoking Gramp-o who has emphysema and is tethered to an oxygen tank, but he doesn't think she's right. When Melody overhears a late night call where her dad uses the word, "honey," she is determined to investigate. Rather than ask him directly, she goes to the rumor source, The Bee Hive Beauty Salon. A place full of nail polish, people, and a dog named, "Mo," she learns more than just who her dad is in love with. All sorts of miscommunications happen before things get sorted out in the end.

The character arc of Melody shows her dealing with the death of her mother and moving forward with her dad finding someone else. While she investigates she has the unsought-after help of Teeny, a six-year-old tutu-charging terror that adds humor to the plot. Nick helps Melody as well and it is through discussions with him that she reveals her fears of who she thinks her dad is marrying. When she thinks her fears come true, she gets emotional and lashes at the adults around her until the truth is revealed. 

The story unfolds from Melody and a dog named, "Mo's," point of view. Mo's chapters were cheesy, but I would be curious to get a kids point of view. They adore dogs and might like the sappy pooch pining for his one and only long-lost owner, Melody's mom. He has a vision of a girl, that happens to be Melody, hugging him and he knows they are meant to be together. The author uses Mo to give the backdrop on Melody's mom and how she died. It advances the plot but it felt forced to me and I found it boring compared to Melody's mystery. I skimmed those parts which is my usual tactic when the pace slows.

Melody's mother is a prodigy that makes the cover of Time magazine. She gives up her amazing career to be a music teacher and live in a small town. Can you see my thick eyebrows raised to my hairline? I needed more of an explanation on that one. Miss Hogan is a one-dimensional villain and her story isn't wrapped up.

Honey is a great title for this slightly sappy story. The family is loving and accepts each other. Gramp-o loves his son and granddaughter and helps out with watching Melody. Readers will feel good after reading this. Good for ages 8-10.

3 Smileys

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