Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Lost Stories by John Flanagan (bk #11)

This last book in the series is about the characters in many of the books and fills in the gaps as to what happened to them. It also has many of those characters getting together for two weddings. However, not all the stories are related and is disjointed in spots. Some stories weave together with the wedding of Horace and Evalyn, but it is a loose connection at best. While entertaining and full of action, the characters don’t change much so there is little internal tension. The tension is solely in the plot. The first story is Halt telling Will how his dad fought in the Battle against Morgarath and saved his life. The story is told in more detail than what was told over the series and there is a twist at the end regarding Will’s mom. The next story is about Gilan and his adventure after leaving Halt and Will in The Icebound Land. The stories are filled with familiar characters and the typical banter and humor that goes between them. It is a fun read but won’t make much sense unless the reader has read the other books. I haven’t read all the books so I didn’t know some of the characters. It felt like the author was saying “goodbye” to them and the tone was nostalgic. He even said “goodbye” to Tug, Will’s horse. There is also mention of Hal, a character in the new series, The Brotherband Chronicles.

Reading level 6.1
:-):-):-) 3 out of 5 Smileys

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