Sunday, February 13, 2011

Toad Rage


Limpy sighs and limps over to where a car has just flattened a relative. Again. He'll have to wait for him to dry out before he can carry him home. Limpy, a cane toad, is sick of cars purposefully driving over his relatives. He limps because a car drove over his leg. Why do people hate cane toads? This is the setup for a funny book about Limpy who goes on a mission to make humans like cane toads. He gets help from the not-so-bright Goliath and a human girl. He thinks that if he can become a mascot for the Olympic games people will like toads. He and Goliath have all sorts of adventures and meet other insects and animals along the way that have questions as well.

Limpy is quite likeable and sincere. While other toads and animals are killed it shouldn't distress kids. It is quite funny and done in a clever way that shows readers how creatures fit in the food chain. Readers also learn about Australia and words that are unique to their country with a glossary in the back to help. The quirky humor about bugs, reptiles and toads should appeal to certain readers.

Reading Level 5.2

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