Thursday, February 3, 2011

Full Tilt

Blake, Quinn, and two friends are at a carnival when Quinn decides to scale the roller coaster scaffolding to get his hat. He puts himself right in the path of a roller coaster. Blake climbs after him and saves his life.

Blake is always saving his reckless brother, Quinn. Blake is cautious while Quinn is out-of-control. When Blake gets an invitation to a midnight carnival from the mysterious Cassandra, it is Quinn who steals the invite and enters the carnival on his own. Anyone who enters this amusement center never leaves again. Blake goes to save his brother and discovers that he has to go on 7 deadly rides that are life or death. No one has survived and gotten out of the park. Can Blake make it through?

Shusterman is a great writer with strong character development. However some readers might be confused with the surreal nature of the rides that are part nightmare, part fantasy, part realistic.

This book is catagorized in grades 5-8 but I would put it with Young Adult due to some content such as the brother being rebelous and suicidal, the violence of the rides, and the abuse suggested toward the boys by Mom's boyfriends.

Reading Level 5.5

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