Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Candy Shop

Candy that gives you superpowers.

Imagine milk chocolate melting in your mouth and coating you body with iron so that you are indestructable. You could jump from a 3-story building like Nate does while running for his life.

In The Candy Shop War, by Brandon Mull, Nate and his friends are able to do all sorts of fun stuff with magical candy given to them from Belinda, owner of the The Candy Shoppe. Belinda asks them to perform assignments that get shadier and shadier. She says if they don't do it, they won't get anymore candy. When she asks them to steal an object they decide to stop working for her and get caught up with a second magician who is at war with Belinda. Both magicians want a magical artifact and they recruit kids to help them obtain it because the magical candy only works on children.

I thought the start was full of action and some interesting creatures but then things slowed down when the kids were at school getting bullied. I got a little bored with the missions  such as when they had to get mushrooms. I can see the author was trying to show the kids learning to trust Belinda but it was too slow. The plot was very predictable until the end where there are some surprise twists.

Some parts of this book were delicious, while other parts were bland. Check out the more satisfying Fablehaven series.

Reading Level 6.1

:-) :-) :-) 3 Smileys.

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