Monday, February 26, 2018

Disruptive Classroom Technologies: A Framework for Innovation in Education by Sonny Magana

I liked the pedagogy in this technology book and application to the classroom and teaching. The framework follows a low-level to high-level skills set defined conceptually as translational, transformative, and transcendent. The transformative section was the most helpful for me in reflecting on lessons and ways to improve them. The transcendent gave me an idea for refining a lesson and the translational was the least helpful.

Each area is defined by two criteria. Translational is automation and consumption. The author was negative in regards to automation and didn't focus on the value of motivation with technology in low-level skills in the form of addressing different learning styles or even how it helps with English language learners. His main focus was on users of technology tools that are just replacing print, and while this is true, he should have expanded more into how technology can be more than that pedagogically when teaching students low-level skills. The translational section on production and contribution gave me an "ah-ha" moment when he talked about "class-sourcing", a way to crowd-source with students and use it to build a community of learners. The last section on transcendent uses of technology involved inquiry design and social entrepreneurship. This gave me some ideas on ways to scaffold the inquiry process regarding sources that I teach when students do research.

The graphic organizers are helpful and the questions teachers should ask themselves to reflect on their teaching is insightful. This is a quick read and was worthwhile for me professionally.

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