Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Under the Egg by Laura Marx Fitzgerald

Authors come up with an idea for a story and then create conflicts to propel the action forward. Here, the conflict begins when grandpa is killed after being struck by a car and his granddaughter, Theo, wonders how she can pay the bills and take care of her mother. As Theo's grandpa lay dying in the street he gives Theo some clues as to his money stash. At least, that is what it sounds like. Theo only has about $300 dollars to live off of in a week. Mom is mentally unstable and unable to take care of her daughter. Instead of finding cash when she follows her grandpa's clues, Theo finds a painting. She accidentally spills rubbing alcohol on it discovering a second painting that looks like a masterpiece beneath the top one. With the help of a friend, Theo does research on chemistry and master artists trying to discover if she has something real or fake. What she uncovers is a world of intrigue rooted in the Holocaust and her grandpa's past. While I sometimes struggle with this author's unbelievable plot elements, they are minor to the overall interesting story she has created in this book.

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