Sunday, October 19, 2014

File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents Reports 1-6 (All The Wrong Questions #2.2) by Lemony Snicket

This goes with the book, "Who Could it be at this Hour?" You can enjoy it as a stand alone but I'd read the other one first to have a better background of all the kooky characters. A funny, quick read that gives the reader a chance to solve six mysteries along with the protagonist, super sleuth Lemony Snicket. The solutions require the reader to flip to a couple of paragraphs at the back of the book in order to see the outcome. I didn't figure out any of the mysteries, but then I was on the elliptical machine and have never been a stud at multitasking while exercising.  This is typical laugh aloud Snicket humor with puns and word plays. My favorite is "Bad Gang" where he references classics such as Edgar Allan Poe's "Tell-tale Heart." If you are teaching acronyms, puns, rhymes, word plays, famous names, this could work as a mentor text. I like how he names the Bellerophon brothers, Pip and Squeak. Bellerophon killed the Chimea in Greek mythology. He's up there with Hercules. Or the Pip and Squeak cartoon characters. Or... you can just read it to enjoy Snicket's twisted sense of humor.

Paintings are mysteriously crashing down walls, an obnoxiously loud territorial dog goes missing, a walkie-talkie shows up on the restaurant floor are just a few incidents that lead Snicket on a series of investigations at the Stained-by-the-Sea township. This novel has the first six incidents and Snicket asks questions and collects clues to each mystery. In case you missed that I said six incidents, not thirteen. Of course I missed the "Reports 1-6" first time I read it. I'm trying to help you speedy souls that are like moi. I also have no deductive skills whatsoever and did not figure out one of the mysteries. Good thing I didn't choose the path of being a detective.

Snicket knows his stuff combining literature and word plays to create a funny plot and characters. He makes it look easy and I admire his craft. He's great with dialogue and the clues are not that easy to solve in his stories. Although I'm not detailed. Maybe it is easy for you. If you liked the WCIBATH ("Who Could it be at this Hour?") book then you'll enjoy this one too! I just need to get the sequel with the next 7 mysteries.

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