Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mitosis (Reckoners #1.5) by Brandon Sanderson

If you liked "Steelheart" then you'll be satisfied with this 35 page eBook that continues where book one left off with the Reckoners defeating the enemy. The city of Newcago shows citizens leery of their newfound freedom and pessimistic that another epic will take over the Newcago. Their peace is short-lived when Mitosis comes to town. He not only wants to rule it but he wants to kill David. A true David and Goliath battle ensues full of action and fun.

While Sanderson is a master at world-building, you really need to read book one to understand the characters and what is going on. The dark story is lightened by humor giving it that right mix that made me unable to put it down. The message of working together in order to defeat a seemingly invincible tyrant in order to live in freedom is a common theme, but I like how Sanderson makes it fresh. The awful lyrics David sings to distract the Epic are quite funny. A clear story arc that is well-written with interesting characters.

4 Smileys

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