Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Son of Sobek (Kane Chronicles) by Rick Riordan

This captures the successful formula and best aspects of Rick Riordan's writing. He starts his stories with some outrageous life-or-death statement from a wise-cracking hero before moving into nonstop action that immediately sucks the reader into the story. The humor, fast pacing, and strong characters are what have made me read every single one of his books. I don't love 'em all the same but I am always entertained and get my mythology fix. And I'd like to know when Riordan is gonna do a series on Norsk mythology? Uff da! He'd have a ball with all those monsters. This less than 30 minute read brings together Carter and Percy as they fight an Egyptian monster, Petsuchos, or Son of Sobek. Percy calls him, "pet suck-o," in the familiar Riordan mnemonic for remembering god names. The two must learn to trust each other in order to defeat the giant crocodile terrorizing New York suburbia. 

It helps to have read both series in order to understand the two characters superpowers and the mythological backdrop of who they represent. Egyptian mythology seems to be more complex for my students than Greek mythology and I find readers working toward fluency have an easier time with "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series than the Kane Chronicles. I'm not sure if that is unique to the school I'm a librarian at or if it is a unique demographic feature. One aspect missing with the giant croc is it doesn't talk. Riordan creates some hysterical gods that take on the characteristics of real myth. I liked the weather god who was slightly insane from trying to predict the unpredictable weather. The croc god is just big and scary with relief from the tension coming from the banter going on in Kane's head and with Percy. If you like Riordan's books, you'll like this short story. 

5 Smileys

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