Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Surge (Storm Runners book 2) by Roland Smith

I thought I had book #1, but low and behold I grabbed #2. Ah well. Sometimes I like book 2 in a series because you can bungee jump into the action. This is definitely a jump with its action-packed, tense chapters. Chase and his friends have survived Hurricane Emily only to face the surge of flooding waters that follow. This picks up where book #1 left off which is at the farm of the Rossi Brother's Circus. The hurricane has destroyed the house and the animals are loose. One barn still stands where the kids seek shelter with Mama Rossi. Only this barn has a pregnant elephant that is about to birth a 225 pound calf. Problem? The generator is running out of power and the elephant can't birth in the dark but in order to get gas Chase has to go outside and not get hit by flying debris or eaten by the deadly lions and leopard that broke out of their cages. A terrific, nail-biting adventure story.

The chapters are a short 2-4 pages. A second storyline follows Chase's dad trying to get to the farm with two reporters. I didn't really understand why the reporters were along. You need to read the first book to get all the details, which I obviously didn't. The two reporters had some funny dialogue. Speaking of dialogue, this book is chalk full of it that makes for an easy read. I wanted more background information on Chase and his dad by the end of the book. Guess I'll have to make a go of book #1.

The kids can shoot guns, drive big rigs, and jump off 30 foot platforms which makes it a fun read. The Rossi family is from the circus so the author tries to give it some plausibility. There is a teeny tiny hint of romance between Chase and Nicole but they are too busy trying to stay alive for anything to happen. Mama Rossi is a psychic which comes in handy in making some predictions but she's not quite as good as her ancestors. Thank goodness. The plot would not have been very interesting if she was that good! The ending is somewhat abrupt and sets-up for the next book.  I would have liked a little more resolution, but hey, it's a whirlwind of fun action.

If you like this book, try The Ninth Ward, about Hurricane Katrina.

Reading Level 4.1
4 out of 5 Smileys

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