Thursday, May 31, 2012

Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

I was plopped between two 5th graders in the fiction section of S's and W's with my legs crossed booktalking like an auctioneer. Sigh. Joy. My favorite part of my job. These two youngsters were not put-off by my rapid-fire read-this-read-that spiel. I have to tone it down for most as their eyes cross or their whites show. But not these two. They inhaled the book information interrupting me to chuck in their own opinions. So imagine my double joy when one jumps up and says "just a minute," and runs to another section to return with a book she thrusts in my hands and says, "you've gotta read this one."

Found is about Jonah, an adopted boy, whose new friend, Chip discovers he's adopted as well. The two begin getting scary letters in the mail about people coming to get them and being "missing." Katherine, Jonah's sister plunges into the mystery headfirst trying to find answers along with Chip as to the background behind their adoptions. Jonah becomes more reluctant as the answers unfold and he isn't so sure he wants to find out the mysteriousness of his adoption. The story unfolds to an exciting climax that will make you want to read book 2.

Students like this series that sweeps readers along with gobs of action and creepiness. The writing descriptions are not gorgeous nor is the dialogue witty but it is a quick fun read. I do think Katherine upstages Jonah as the main character. She's such a spunky, gutsy gal with a quick brain and eye for details. She's just a plain 'ole fun character. Jonah sticks his head in the sand until the very end where he is forced to either show some leadership skills or fade into the rocks.

Not all the questions are answered in this book. We don't know who Jonah is historically and he isn't really described so the reader can't take a stab at guessing. Well, you can take a stab at it but chances are you'll be wrong. We also don't know what happened to Daniella. It isn't clear Katherine's role in the series either but I think she's an interesting character that has to be in the next book based on how Found ends. A good series for your library.

Reading Level 5.0
3 out of 5 Smileys

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