Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller

Miller is a 6th grade language arts teacher who requires her students to read 40 books a year. She creates a culture of reading by training students to read every day. Much of the book centers around why this is important in education and how teachers can fail to create a community of readers. It doesn't go into great detail on how she sets up her classroom on a daily basis.

I found some of the information helpful. I am going to try the, Reading Interest-A-Lyzer by Sally Reis, that can help me determine interests of readers. It is a list of 17 questions on reading habits and interests. I'm going to have grade 4 students use Google Docs and answer the survey. Then I'm going to pull books based on the interest and reading level of the student. I'll blog about it on my professional blog. This book was helpful in getting me to reflect on practices that I do with students that promote or get kids excited about reading. Some parts of the book didn't apply to me but I just skimmed them. It would be more useful to a language arts teacher.

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