Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Silver Bowl by Diane Stanley

Molly comes from a poor, illiterate family of seven children. Her father is abusive and her crazy mom is locked in a room in their house. When Molly sees into the future predicting the death of a boy, her fearful dad ships her off to be a scullery maid for the king of Westria. Before she goes, Molly's mom reveals that she too has visions and they are the source of her madness. While working at the castle Molly has a vision that shows the royal family being murdered as a result of a magical curse. She has to find a way to stop it with the help of her firends Tobias and Winifred.

This fairytale with a twist has plenty of action and romance. It's going to appeal mostly to girls. The first person narration makes the book easy-to-read but the plot suffers as a result. I'm not sure why the Prince trusts Molly or why Molly trusts Thomas - this part should have been explained more. Perhaps a third person narration would have done it better. I didn't find the characters as engaging as other fairy tale stories. Molly is illiterate but only uses the word "sommat" to show this in the book. The Prince, Tobias, and Molly sounded quite a bit alike. Most of the plot was predictable but the ending had an interesting twist. The violence is described after the fact or in Molly's visions. A quick read.

Reading Level 6.0

:-) :-) :-) 3 out of 5 Smileys

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