Thursday, June 2, 2011


A Warlock is someone who breaks their oath. In the book, Warlock, by Michael Scott, the 5th book of the series, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Sophie and Josh are going their separate ways with Josh following Dee and Dare and Sophie following the Flamels. Nicholas Flamel is dying and Sophie lets Perenelle use her aura to help him live. Sophie questions her loyalty to Perenelles and whines, I mean contemplates, how her life has changed so dramatically in one week and how she'd like to turn back time. That's one storyline. There are about 5 others going on with each chapter alternating from a different characters viewpoint. There's Scathach's mess with Joan, Prometheus, Saint-Germain; the evil foursome of Dee, Josh, Machiavelli, and Billy the Kid with an interesting twist;  Auntie Agnes and Sophie, the Flamels trying to save the world,  and more.  I thought the monster attacking was anti-climatic.

Scott is incredibly knowledgeable about world myths and he weaves that history in his storyline. There are lots of quotes from famous people. What I find that has gotten lost in the last two books are the main characters. They haven't changed and they say the same things. The minor characters have become more interesting and  the humor is less. Of course as they near the deadline of the world ending the author might be trying to make it more grim because the stakes are higher. I wish the main characters were more fleshed out, there was more humor, and the monster part drawn out more like the Scathach's adventure.

If you liked Necromancer, this book is similar. I checked this eBook out of my public library and will purchase it for the TAS library this summer. Look for it in August 2011.

Reading Level: Young Adult

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