Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meet Mammoth

Ogg and Bob are not the brightest cavemen. But they are very funny. They want to catch a woolly mammoth and make him their pet. Their adventure begins when they fall into the trap they have set for the mammoth, escape a saber-tooth tiger, and finally catch the mammoth as a pet through dumb luck. The two learn it is hard work training a mammoth as a pet and requires some responsibility.

Students laughed at the stupidity of these two cartoonish characters who use caveman talk such as  "Me see mammoth" and "Me catch mammoth."  One girl interrupted the story in disgust and said, "They aren't talking with the right grammar!" The humor is slapstick and silly. Some children really like how idiotic these two are and others don't like it as well. I read the book to seven classes using my best cave-speak and had a blast.

The book has three episodic chapters. The two dorks capture the mammoth in the first chapter, train the mammoth in the second chapter, and put the mammoth to bed in the third chapter. There is repetition of words such as headache and clues from the illustrations to go with the text such as when they plug the trunk of the mammoth with a rock. The vocabulary is simple and it is a good text for grades 1 and 2. I sure had fun reading this book out loud.

Reading Level 1.5

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